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We Do What We Love.

Khartoum Geeks is initiated to spread Technologies, ideas, and awareness in Sudanese culture and gathering all Sudanese Geeks in one community.

Let’s Dream Together

With Khartoum Geeks you will find who care about your ideas and innovations .you can learn more and fill your Technology passion in contribution with most creative Geeks in Khartoum . In Tech shows events you can show us what you love to do and how you did it or simply meet Geeks there!

Are you a sponsor ?

Khartoum Geeks is a non-profit and self-fund organization if you are a company or a person want to contribute with us in community activities as a sponsor you can check the sponsorship packages.

We Support Open Standards

We help to raise awareness and build support for Open Standards that enable sharing and using knowledge ,innovation ,platforms and tools freely and legally.

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